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Focus, total, complete wellness inside & out.

Being good with you,

good with your current life placement.


Including but not limited to,

all-natural holistic methods

of healing & Skincare






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wellness from a natural

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ARE YOU HAVING ISSUES WITH FAT? The reason you can not rid body fat or weight.
you don't know the secret, and they won't give it to you.

My next E-book will reveal what the secrets are.

Not because of Corona
but because your
DIRTY if you don't

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Hot Topics

March 2022, focus is weight loss & Burning body fat.

Weight loss is extremely helpful in these factors

Sunken Eyes, Dark Circles, Rosacea, Acne & More.

Here is a chart of SLE symptoms & NIACIN deficiency symptoms

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B3 Niacin  Deficiency

Did you know a B3 deficiency

could cause so many issues?

1. Fatigue

2. Vomiting

3. Diarrhea

4. Swollen mouth, bright red tongue

5. Headaches, Fever

6. Apathy

7. Disorientation

8. Depression & ANXIETY/Mood issues

9. Unexplained digestive issues/digestion/Gastrointestinal issues

10. Canker sores/mouth or nose ulcers

11. Memory loss/change in thoughts/loss of concentration/Mental confusion/insomnia

12. irritated or red skin, thick, scaly pigmented rash on skin /Butterfly-shaped lesions on the face, or a necklace shape of lesions around the neck/Skin Lesions

13. High Cholesterol

14. Kidney problems

15. Chest pain/Breathing issues

16. Hair loss


18. dry mouth/dry eyes

15 (6).png


Systemic Lupus Erythematous

Did you know LSE, is known to be medically induced?

1. Fatigue

2. Vomiting

3. Diarrhea

4. Swollen mouth, bright red tongue

5. Headaches, Fever

6. Apathy

7. Disorientation

8. Depression

9. Gastrointestinal issues

10. Oral & Nasal Lesions

11. Joint Inflammation/pain & swelling

/swollen joints

12. Skin rash

13. Thyroid issues




16. hair loss

17. Photosensitivity

18. blue fingers/restriction of oxygen

19. Dry mouth, dry eyes

The Face shows signs
of Health issues,
who listens?
Well everyone should.



Do you know what this really is and why it develops?



Several reasons why this could happen

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, lupus, autoimmune issues, diabetes, joint, muscle, back pain, chronic pain, fatigue, skin issues, weight issues, brain fog, depression, hair loss, and more.

Health issues, exercise, natural products, and more.

E-Book  skincare

Sunken eyes



is available now.

Over 200 Chemicals absorbing into the bloodstream,

Dental hygiene products, hair care products, etc.

This added link below will adequately provide more info on potential

dangers in the chemicals typically used to make personal hygiene products.

Information source: http://www.mercola.com/infographics/personal-care-products.htm


These specific chemicals can typically hold potential health issues.
SLS/SLES are overwhelmingly in multiple personal hygiene products,

some will indeed include Ammonium laurel sulfate ALS.

Would you comprehend what this even means?

I didn't until I started my extensive research.


Aloe vera gel
This plant can care for you from the inside out
Plastic is destroying everything even our insides. Since prices on all things keep rising.

I have humbly suggested countless times people need daily vitamins.

As a contributor @ Quora.com. The question asked habitually, skincare.

My affirmative answer, daily vitamins.

Obtaining these make a visible world of notable difference because they typically promote healthy skin.
A, C, D & E are key to getting healthy, happy skin.

With that you can include in a few effective supplements.

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All Natural ways to eliminate multiple issues without costing a fortune
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All information shared is based on my personal usage of any and all items that may be mentioned.
Sharing my experiences and knowledge on certain issues and or health and wellness products.

I do not work for any companies, nor affiliated with any mentioned products.

I am sharing experiences and remedies with the public. Anything I write is not nor should it be a replacement of medical advice.